Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography is to get the expressions of the person in focus when unaware of camera. Candid Photography is clicked with natural expressions, without posing for a photograph.

Candid shots have their own charm. They capture all the fleeting moments – amusing, funny, dramatic and romantic. No fake poses, no stress, no set up! Candid photography is all about getting people to feel relaxed and free to act as themselves.

 Candid Photographers are expert photographers who sense the moment with in fraction of second and sometime shoot it with out flash but provides excellent quality of image. That really needs expertise. ColorFoto have a team of experts in candid photography. We offer Best Candid Wedding Photographer Services in Coimbatore.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is photography of a person or group of people in studio or outdoor.  When portrait photographs are composed and captured in a studio, the photographer has control over the lighting.

The Process

Consultation – We will give you portrait photography consultation before the shooting appointment.  We will explain you about the preparation for the session.  The consultation includes  time, sleep, location, costume, make-up, hair style, accessories etc.

The shooting session depends on your requirements and as per contract.  Our expert photographers will direct you on the shooting spot for better result of photographs.

Post production:  Our digital artist will work on images to enhance quality of photos.  The comp will be sent to you for approval.  On your approval printing, framing, DVD production will be done as per your need.

Post Wedding Photography

Post Wedding Photography

Post Wedding photography is the time when fragrance of big event is still there.  But couples are relaxed.  Now they can go for post wedding photography. You ask for a concept or give an idea of what you have in mind. We will give you unique, different, creative photo shoot for your post wedding photography.

Pre Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Photography

As the season of wedding prevails, it brings the essence of togetherness that deserves to be captured for eternity.

We are the best Pre-wedding photographers in Coimbatore who are waiting to skillfully capture all the beautiful moments shared between the to-be-wed couple. Before a couple gets hitched, they want to celebrate their budding romance which they can cherish after years of staying in the bond of marriage.

Our Pre-wedding shoot cost Coimbatore is also going to fit your budget properly!

Here is what we offer for Pre-wedding photo shoot Coimbatore,

  • Theme and Concept
  • Both outdoor and indoor Pre-wedding shoot locations in Coimbatore
  • Selection of dress and makeup
  • Framing candid pictures
  • Picture editing
  • Both hard and soft copy of the photographs

 These are few of the things that we come forward and offer.

As wedding is a union between two people who are willing to take the vows of being together for the rest of their lives, we offer different types of photo shoot

  • Couple Pre -wedding photography Coimbatore
  • Couple and friends photo shoot Coimbatore
  • Couple and family photo shoot in Coimbatore

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

High-quality HD photographs and videos are essential to showcase your product line. We will fulfill all your visual media needs. We will deliver photographs and video coverage from a variety of angles, resolutions, and distances in order to highlight their features and appeal to potential customers in online and print promotional materials.

Pre Production

We’ll arrange the pre-production meeting where we’ll gather your requirements and specifications. Based on your requirements we will prepare a story board and script. Then we will fix up a day for shoot and we’ll pinpoint things that need prior arrangement. We’ll be able to capture everything in one day. 

Fully Equipped Professional Photography

What makes a video look interesting is a variety of shots. They need to be the right shot for the right moment. We’ll use a range of equipment to capture these moments. We have a crane at our disposal, a slider which is fantastic for time-lapse and a Steadicam for creating smooth movements.

We always bring well equipped cameras, cards, spare lenses, cables, mics, everything require for shoot. We’re part of National and State level photographers and Videographer’s associations and have National and State level award winning cinematographers. 

Post Production

Our job is to ensure everything we deliver is high quality, real and as appealing as possible. The edit will allow us to arrange the moments we’ve captured to take the viewer on the most engaging journey possible.

Production Meeting

We’ll arrange the pre-production meeting where we’ll gather everything we need.

We would be glad to extend our services to suit our business requirement. We look forward for your feedback on how we can associate with your organisation for your professional photography and video needs.


Professional Baby Photography

Professional Baby Photography

We opt for a calm and relaxed approach to shooting newborns and babies. Therefore, the feeding breaks, time-outs are enthusiastically encouraged.

The shoots are not at all styled or posed. In fact, they are very natural and relaxed, letting the baby do his own thing while we capture modern and beautiful images that portray his beauty.

For us, safety is paramount, especially while working with newborns. Hence, we only rehearse and advocate safe poses at all times.

Being one of the most sought-after baby photographers Coimbatore, our team comprises of passionate and caring individuals who are a master at their craft. They possess unbounded patience and years of experience in handling, soothing and photographing even the tiniest of toddlers.

Why Choose Our Kids Photography?
The blissful innocence on the face of a sleeping child, a mother embracing her newborn baby, the smile on the face of a child when he looks at his mother, the bond of unconditional love that binds a family are all those little things that we simply love to capture. We feel absolutely privileged when a parent chooses us to photograph their newborn, baby or child.

We aim to photograph the sense of curiosity and exploration, raw emotions and adventure of babies and children in our photographs. Our images are light and lovable that stays true to your life by interweaving the beauty in the art of portraiture.

In our child photography, we deploy an expert use of lighting, posing along with delicate retouching.

With years of experience under our belt, we have seen and done it all. We know exactly how to make a baby chuckle, the most gratifying poses for new moms, how to safely and perfectly photograph newborns and what it takes to capture the perfect family portraiture. Our working style and professionalism will make sure that your portraiture experience with us is absolutely fun, easy and delightful.

We deeply understand that the first few weeks after the delivery can be hard. Our team is ultra-caring and sensitive to your needs. Every newborn session is done on an individual basis where we spend hours planning, preparing and spending time with newborn. We make every effort to make sure that your session is relaxed and enjoyable. With a warm room, comfortable couch and all amenities, your comfort is our priority.

For child photography in Coimbatore, we use a modern and journalistic style of photography so that all images look editorial and natural. We absolutely love experimenting with new-fangled ideas, creating new outfits and backdrops to enhance our photographs. We also provide maternity photo shoots for expectant mothers.

In our work, you will notice an absence of distraction and thus, you will be forced to concentrate on the beauty of the intricately photographed and perfectly displayed human being right in front of you.

We offer several kids photography packages and each of our packages includes high-resolution images. There are absolutely no hidden fees. You can have a look at all the pictures and decide which need to be retouched.

From a few gorgeous baby announcement photographs to complete albums you will marvel at for years to come, we have a myriad of packages to meet your precise requirements.